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Class in Session

Somehow the summer flew by and it's time to dust off those backpacks and lunch boxes. Starting a new school year was always exciting for me. It's a chance to start again fresh. As adults, we don't get this same yearly opportunity, which is unfortunate, as we all could use the chance for a new start every year. Let's try and take our childrens' new school year for a chance for us, too: to get organized, set new goals and fiercely chase them.

I had the opportunity to make a vision board recently - laying out imagery that directs me to focus on my aspirations for the future. Now, whenever I see the images on the board (multiple times daily), I am reminded to refocus and keep striving for those goals.

Baby Charlie was born three months ago, and she and Ella are keeping me busy! Ella will start school in September, and I already feel the bittersweet heartbreak of watching little ones grow. Even though toddlers can be at times frustrating and exhausting, I try to remember that this time is fleeting. Soon she will no longer be needing me to read her stories before bed or running into my arms full speed for a hug. Time is a funny thing, that way. Some moments seem to last forever, but then, in a blink, years have passed.

Slow down. Treasure these times. Soak it all in: every walk in the park, every giggle, every embrace. We will miss it terribly when it's over.

I will return to practice after Labor Day and am looking forward to catching up with my wonderful patients. I feel a bit like a schoolgirl with first-day jitters and excitement.The schedule is already filling up - so book your back-to-school checkups now!

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