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March Fo(u)rth

Hello, friends!

Signs of early spring are in the air: the weather is warming up, Coachella schedule is out, and allergies are re-awakening to bother us all. March is a perfect time to take a step back at the goals we set at the start of the year and assess our progress toward them.

I, for one, have had made some progress, but am not quite where I want to be just yet.

Goal setting is a funny thing. I fluctuate between wanting to set the bar high, and settling for more modest, (and thus more achievable) goals. Is there a worse feeling than the crushing diappointment of failing to succeed at a resolution??

It’s possible to get better at reaching goals. We can set ourselves up for success by setting the right goal and then setting mini-goals along the way to get there. Let me explain:

Good goals excite and impassion. Good goals are challenging, but not impossible.

Start by imagining where you want to be one year from now. Really! Close your eyes and be that person. Feel how you would feel as goal-reached-one-year-from-now you. Now, holding that image in your mind, open your eyes and figure out the steps it will take to get there. We all would fail to reach the top of Matterhorn by expecting to teleport to the summit. Where would you need to be in six months to be on track to reach that goal? Where would you need to be in three months to be on track to reach the six-month step? Where do you need to be in one month from now, to be on the right track to hit your stepping stones on time, to be at goal by the one year mark? Break down the year into as small steps as you need. These bite sized steps are achievable and straightforward.

Write out the steps on the timeline you set. Post it in a visible spot to keep it at the forefront of your mind. As you start hitting your milestones, you will gain momentum and will increase confidence that you are getting closer! Closer to reaching that amazing feeling of success!

Make your goals specific and measurable: Define your goal as specifically as you can, in concrete terms. If you can track it, you can see yourself getting closer to that goal. And, watching success get closer and closer; watching yourself transforming into the one-year-from-now-you is a powerful experience.

You are stronger than we think. You can and you will achieve amazing things.

Make a plan and then get out there and make it happen!

Take a deep breath, lift your head high and march towards those goals!


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