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"Viva la Vida"

Wise words from Ella yesterday:

Freida says 'Viva la Vida'

She couldn't be more right. Especially at this time of year when everyone is anxious to hit the resolutions hard, it's important to keep life in balance. It's tempting to want to make big changes immediately, but our minds feel threatened by abrupt changes to the status quo. Willpower wears out, and when it does, you can crash hard and then are frustrated with yourself.

Incremental changes are easier to tackle and don't cause the same push back from our subconscious. Change IS possible and IS sustainable. Check out my tips for lifestyle change below.

1. Bite-sized goals

Choose small steps to achieve one at a time. Master the first step before adding on a second. Once each change becomes habit, it becomes effortless to continue

2. Replace, don't eliminate

We are programmed to embrace routine. Flat-out stopping those routines are near-impossible. Instead of taking a smoke break, take a walk break during that same time. Instead of munching on popcorn while watching TV, sip on some tea. Substitute your wheat pizza crust for cauliflower variety. Switch soda to sparkling water. The closer you can mimic your normal routine, the easier you can maintain those changes and make them the new normal.

3. Mindset is everything

Just like little kids, we push back against limits. Your point of view can change everything. Phrase your self talk as choice. Tell yourself "I choose a piece of fruit for dessert", instead of "I can't have that cupcake". When it's your decision, you remain in control, rather than feeling like you are facing a punishment that needs to be fought against. We respond better to positive goals rather than negative ones. Phrase changes as additions to your life rather than taking things away.

4. Positive reinforcement

Be kind to yourself, and be proud of yourself. Deciding to make changes in your life is already a big step. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are amazing and strong and glowing. If things get hard and the day was not ideal, treat yourself with compassion and love. Find small victories that were achieved and continue trying tomorrow. You can only walk a mile with thousands of small steps.

What are your best tips on making changes in your life? Comment below!


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